Club Chain Triples Functional Training with TRIBE - Tribe Team Training

Club Chain Triples Functional Training with TRIBE

Listen to Merritt Athletic Clubs COO (Chief Operating Officer) talking about how they tripled their small group training revenue.

"TRIBE has taught us how to organise it more, how to keep the process growing. It taught us what a true small group training was. - kind of a (member) journey through time.

Across 9 clubs we were doing about $10,000 a month in small group training, if we were lucky. We now have TRIBE in 4 clubs and we're doing double, if not triple that, and it's growing.

People are staying with it longer. It's even helped us penetrate into a greater percentage of our members being involved in something. Prior to TRIBE we had 7% of our members doing personal training. Now we also have 3% doing small group training.

Advice to clubs considering TRIBE Team Training: "Stop thinking about it and just go do it, because a lot of times we over-analyse and just see it as a financial thing, and I can tell you that we looked at it differently. We looked at it as an investment, and a way of taking care of our members and improving their lives. And when we started looking at it that way, it just took care of itself, and the return on investment was less than a year."

About the Author Jamie Hayes

Jamie Hayes is the CEO of TRIBE Team Training. Together with his wife Ellen, he's owned and operated 8 fitness centres. He's presented many times at Filex on group-ex, strength training, management, marketing, plus business panels. He's written articles in Network magazine and Fitness Pro magazine. His passion is to maximise community health through exercise.

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