Fitness Business Building Insights from Filex - Tribe Team Training

Fitness Business Building Insights from Filex

Here's some business building insights for you from some of the great presenters.

Dr Paul Bedford - The Retention Guru

The Retention Guru - Dr Paul Bedford

​How they feel while they are exercising is more influential to how long they keep their membership to how they feel after or the results they get. 
How much is it worth if every member stays an extra month?
A proper gym induction can increase the average length of a membership by 7 months!
The Australian fitness market is very price-compressed, compared to other countries. In Australia there's not much of a difference between the cheapest and most expensive. There's room to expand on both ends.
People who sign up for longer, will stay longer.
80% of the population (not attending gyms) simply don't know that exercise can make you feel good.
Technology should free staff and managers to do more face-to-face interraction with members.
Help people identify how they feel when they move more, plus how they feel worse when they don't move.
A sense of community is really important to 2/3 members. Connecting with like-minded people.  Meeting new people who have a common interest. Most clubs do not have processes or programs that connect people. (TRIBE Team Training connects like minded members!)
Multi-location clubs who charged just $1 extra for members to have unlimited access across all clubs, saw this increase the average length of a membership by 9 months!!!

Michelle Segar - Author of No Sweat

Michelle Segar - Author of NO Sweat

Relationships are an incredible force.
Differentiate between the High Actives who find PA (physical activity) a way to spend time with others and Low Actives who see PA as a way to achieve an extrinsic goal (like losing weight).
Having the motive of weight loss is associated with drop out.
When asked "What do you like best about coming to the centre, the most common answers were feeling related".
When asked "What do you like least about coming to the centre, the most common answers were "lack of cleanliness" and "lack of interaction of staff and trainers".
Women like having fun moving with friends.

Quotes from other speakers...

​Create a WOW experience online and when they walk in. 
Some of the world's top boutique fitness brands are recruiting actors, baristas and cocktail waiters, for their entertaining and hospitality skills then putting them through 10 weeks of fitness training. 
Your CRM system should know everything about each member.
Names, names, names. Hire name users!
Love sales? Yes or not yet.... but never no. Amanda Bracks
Embrace community outreach. You must do a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Network your heart out. Amanda Bracks
Sharpen up your club's content creation, both blog and social media. Get your head into Facebook and understand every single aspect. Justin (JT) Tamsett.
Make sure your business has crystal clear Vision, Mission and Values (3-7) that all team members know and embrace, plus a strategy that defines what makes you DIFFERENT in a way that is relevant to your target market. If everyone does not know your core values, you don't have them. Use your core values to attract the right people and repel the wrong ones. Luke Carlson.
Make them feel part of something bigger than yourself. Ben Lucas.

Australian Fitness Industry Retention Report 2017

55% leave because of lack of community. UK Active Retention Report. Tip: get the new Australian Retention Report. Details HERE.
Many fitness centres traditionally see themselves as the hero coming to the rescue of their members. Successful businesses will elevate your members to heroes. Create the ability for members to tell their stories. Troy Morgan.
The rate of internal change can't be less than the rate of external change. Troy Morgan.
Before you post (blog or social media) ask "Am I adding value?" Amelia Burton

Were you at Filex? Can you add something to the above list? Please email me and I'll add it and give you the credit for kindly sharing.

About the Author Jamie Hayes

Jamie Hayes is the CEO of TRIBE Team Training. Together with his wife Ellen, he's owned and operated 8 fitness centres. He's presented many times at Filex on group-ex, strength training, management, marketing, plus business panels. He's written articles in Network magazine and Fitness Pro magazine. His passion is to maximise community health through exercise.

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