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How To Run Group Training So You Make Money

Adrian Antigua

Adrian Antigua General Manager of Gainesville Health and Fitness – see audio links below

Listen to Chantal from The Fitness Business Podcast interviewing club General Manager Adrian Antigua about his thoughts about group training and why he chose TRIBE Team Training. Adrian was a business presenter at the 2016 Filex International Fitness Conference.

Here’s the most recent TRIBE Team Training schedule at GHFC.








See audio links below.

Intro of Adrian Antigua, GM of Gainesville Health and Fitness


What made your club want to offer group training?


How many group training classes per day do you offer? (See the schedule above with 56 sessions per week.)


How many members do TRIBE Team Training?


How much do members pay for TRIBE Team Training? (NB: TRIBE helps clubs determine the best fees for their club.)


How much do you pay your team to teach TRIBE? (NB: TRIBE helps clubs develop their own pay scales.)


Can you give us an overview of Gainesville Health and Fitness?


What group training was GHFC doing before introducing TRIBE Team Training?


How did you design your group training space?


What branding did you do of your group training spaces?


How does TRIBE Team Training help you compete against boutique fitness competitors?


What made you select TRIBE Team Training?


How did your existing personal trainers feel about TRIBE Team Training?


How did you get members to pay for TRIBE? (NB: TRIBE provides clubs with a step-by-step process to manage this.)


How long did it take to create traction?


Who are the best coaches for TRIBE Team Training?


Are your TRIBE Team Training coaches employees or contractors? (NB: TRIBE can be delivered by both.)


Can you share an insight into your hiring process?


Does group training canabalise personal training? (NB: This is more likely to happen in clubs that give away group training free with membership.)


Does group training attract new people?


What are your benchmarks for retention with group training?


To hear the entire interview click HERE.

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