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Member’s comments

I may even like running…

“I joined TribeFIT™ as I’d had a baby 6 months earlier and I wanted to get myself back to my pre baby body and fitness. I remember my very first session, unsure at meeting new people and doing something that I knew would really push me to my limits. In the first fitness session, running was my weakness, and I remember on my second run feeling like I wanted to cry and walking for a large portion of it. After 6 week, 18 sessions and with the help of our awesome trainer Dean and everyone else in our little TribeFIT™ family I feel like my pre baby self. My husband says I look fantastic, I’ve lost 7cm from my body but more importantly I did the same fitness test, beat my time by 3:30mins and didn’t stop once in the runs. I’ve signed up for the next round which will finish just before my 30th birthday and I have no doubt that it will get me to the best shape of my life. I love TribeFIT™. I’m obsessed. And who knows maybe by the end of the next season I may even like running.”

Mel Henry, TribeFIt™ participant, City Fitness, Mackay, Australia.

Lost inches which is awesome!

“I knew I had a weak core from having 3 children – but I had no idea how quick I could regain it with Kate in TribeCORE™! I have gotten so much stronger, toned and have definition and lost inches, which is awesome! I recommend this to anyone any age! Even if it’s the only exercise you will get great results!”

Kylie Morton, TribeCORE™ participant, City Fitness Mackay, Australia

I started TribePUNCH
I started TribePUNCH™ hoping to find a health and fitness lifestyle that would keep me interested! I have in the past joined gyms and done other fitness classes only to find that after a month or two my interest and motivation ceases to exist! TribePUNCH™ however has transformed my whole fitness lifestyle, I am actually excited for my TribePUNCH™ class and my interest and motivation has only increased with my involvement in TribePUNCH™!! The fitness aspects of the class are amazing and the different boxing and kicking combinations we learn and perfect definitely keep me interested!

The TribePUNCH™ trainers have been amazing at motivating and are always willing and eager to give extra help and instruction whenever I needed it! I can honestly say that TribePUNCH™ has transformed my lifestyle and is something I will continue with in years to come!! MASSIVE thanks to my TribePUNCH™ trainers Haagon and Toby!!!

Tessa – TribePUNCH™ participant

I have gained so much more strength and vitality…

“It was 5 and a half weeks ago I began a 6 week, twice a week TribeCORE™ class with Kate as our Tribe Team Coach. I have gained so much more strength, vitality, self-confidence and new friends in that amount of time. We are all challenged and guided in our class by Kate (the bubbliest task master) to push us that little bit more. The class always fills me with energy, gives me a positive attitude for the day and I have no problems sleeping at night (always a bonus). Not only do I have more energy but also my clothes are looser on me than they were 5 and a half weeks ago! That really inspired me to continue with a positive attitude towards my Core classes; I aim to be even stronger than I am now. As Kate tells us “what doesn’t kill you in class will only make you stronger”

Louise Randall-TribeCORE™ participant, City Fitness Mackay, Australia
I can see and feel my abs for the first time in my life – TribeCORE™ rocks!

Eleanor – TribeCORE™ participant

I’d never been much of a gym goer

I’d never been much of a gym goer but had been running and keeping fit through sport and other activities for years. I was originally recommended the TribeFIT™ class by a friend and right from my first class found it rewarding and enjoyable. There is a real sense of team spirit and friendly competition within the classes which provides encouragement to push yourself as hard as you can go. My improvement in general fitness was noticeable after the first couple of weeks and by the end of the first six week season my improvement in fitness was remarkable. I completed three seasons of TribeFIT™ before I left Wanaka and I’d be joining up again if there was a TribeFIT™ class in the town where I now live. I would highly recommend taking TribeFIT™ to anyone thinking about it.

Rich – TribeFIT™ participant

Now for six seasons

I have been coming along to TribePUNCH™ classes now for six seasons and have just signed up for a seventh. I have heard others describe “going to the gym” as boring – forget it, TribePUNCH™ gives me direction, confidence, and incredible results, and no two classes are ever the same. I like that the class sizes are small, which means that you get to know the people you train with, and the trainers are motivated and really know their stuff! Awesome.

Vergne – TribePUNCH™ participant

I stand taller knowing that I can face and meet challenges head on

“As a 64 year old, I chose to do Core Training as I didn’t think I was fit enough to do Fit or Life. Core training is challenging and at times I definitely was out of my comfort zone, but the encouragement of the coach and my Tribe kept me going when on my own I would have given up. I really appreciated the change in workouts week by week. Kate (coach) was always there, helping me improve my technique and giving me alternate exercises when she could see I was struggling, especially in the beginning when I wasn’t as fit. (I can now get my bum off the ground but crunches aren’t on my favorite list). I’ll never be a marathon runner, but I stand taller knowing that I can face and meet challenges head on.”

Mary Allan TribeCORE™ participant, City Fitness Mackay, Australia
More pain free life

I have been involved in sport all my life, but have yet to come across a training program that has had as significant an impact on my life as TribeCORE™. As a keen golfer I have marveled at the way in which TribeCORE™ has helped me develop a more powerful swing with less effort, as well as and more importantly, bringing a level of consistency to and confidence in my game that I have never experienced in over 30 years as a golfer. Also, as a sufferer of spinal and joint problems for many years, there is no doubt that the added strength and flexibility that TribeCORE™ has enabled me to develop is giving me more freedom in the activities that I can undertake and a more pain free life. I have no hesitation in recommending TribeCORE™ to all age groups as a method of maintaining and improving the lifestyle that you have chosen for yourself. I would also add that the knowledge and professionalism of my TribeCORE™ Trainer continues to be instrumental in my getting the most out of the program.

Phil – TribeCORE™ participant

“I found the Tribe Fit course excellent. It achieved all my fitness aims, and more!

The exercises and routines, in both the warm-up and the actual sessions, were extremely well planned & thought out. They progressively extended you, with each session building on the previous sessions. However, each session was different, which kept up the interest, and definitely led to the whole body being worked on. This was a step-up in intensity and fitness levels compared to my regular spinning sessions, which although good, only worked certain muscle groups. They were very tough sessions. The combination of the excellent Tribe Fit trainers (Alice, Dave and Lisa), and the subtle team environment, trying to beat the clock, or keep up with the others, or even beat them, meant that every encouragement was there to really put out and have a great tough session. My levels of fitness have improved dramatically. I have learned many routines which I can apply to my own personal training routines and warm-ups, but also I am a firm believer in the Tribe Fit concept, and as such I have signed up for the next season, hoping to build my fitness levels even further.”

Jim Manson~ TribeFIT™ member, Meadhurst Club UK

Very challenging but very rewarding…

“TribeLIFE™ has been a very challenging but very rewarding experience. I believe my shape has changed; I look more toned and feel a lot stronger. Even my daughter commented on my look. I recommend TribeLIFE™ to everyone. The one on one makes you word harder.”

Megan Clifford-TribeLIFE™ participant,
City Fitness Mackay, Australia

The TribeFIT™ Family, we help each other to the last second.

“I recently have started TribeFIT™ and I Love it! At First I was scared and wasn’t sure if it was for me. I had been doing Boot camp and I was in my comfort zone and to step out was a big enough challenge. Although I had butterflies I was excited to go to the Trial week. After the help from my friend, the sweat and almost tears I completed my first 1 hour of Fit (the longest hour) since then I haven’t looked back, I still get butterflies but it is all worth it. I told our Tribe Coach Dean that I hate being last and that it was my worst fear and now after 5 weeks I’m just glad to finish and if I’m last, I’m last. I know after each session I have done my best. I call our TribeFIT™ team “The Tribe Fit Family” we help each other right to the last second. They are great Support; I couldn’t do half the exercises without them. I have signed up for another season and I can’t wait for new the challenge. LOOK OUT TOUGH MUDDER!!!!!!!”

Bec Lamont-TribeFIT™ participant,
City Fitness Mackay, Australia


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