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Joe Cirulli CEO, Founder Gainesville Health and Fitness

"TRIBE Team Training has been a very good program for us based on three factors"

  1. First, it was well branded, marketing was perfectly designed and classes updated for each succeeding Season. All of these things were very important to us. I knew simplicity was critical to the success of the program.
  2. Second, preparing the Coaches was also easy to implement helping the Coaches feel more competent while delivering.
  3. And third, we’ve had to continually add Teams to our schedule, showing us it has been embraced by our members.

Below is the current TRIBE schedule at Gainesville Health and FItness

Camille O’Connor, Gym Manager,
Pulse Fitness Alexandra, New Zealand

"30-40% of our 200 members use TRIBE Team Training."

Camille O’Connor, Gym Manager,
Pulse Fitness Alexandra, New Zealand

“30-40% of our 200 members use TRIBE Team Training.”

John Olsen, Owner,
Anytime Fitness, Harahan, USA

Ryan Conover, Director of Fitness, Miramont Lifestyle Fitness

The impact that TRIBE Team Training™ continues to have on our members and personal training department is remarkable.

Since launching TribeFIT™, TribeCORE™, and TribeLIFE™ we have seen a 60% increase in members participating in team training at our facility. Additionally, we have benefited from a consistent 80% increase in our small group training revenue with a strong margin.

The step by step TRIBE marketing campaign was highly effective and the investment costs for TRIBE were very reasonable. The TRIBE Team Training™ North America staff was very helpful with the process and held our hand the entire way.

The three-day TRIBE training Module for our Fitness Professionals brought our team together in a way that I didn’t expect. Even the veteran trainers embraced the philosophy of TRIBE and almost all converted their freestyle small group classes to TRIBE. Our trainers with little to no small group experience flourished with the TRIBE program.

Our Fitness Professionals are earning much higher commissions with TRIBE and are actively recruiting and promoting the program. I’m excited about the impact that the program will have on our trainer retention.

I’m very pleased with the TRIBE Team Training™ programs and would recommend it to almost any facility looking to grow their small group program.

Ryan Conover, Director of Fitness Miramont Lifestyle Fitness

Everybodys Fitness Center

TRIBE Team Training™ has completely changed the culture of our small group training and club. We have increased this department’s revenue by over 400% & grew from 25 to 130 participants in the first 3 months after launch. The members love it and continue to come back for more. The support and follow up we have received from the Tribe Team Training™ North America is second to none. We are thrilled we made the decision to bring Tribe Team Training™ to our club and our members are too. Together we achieve more!

Jason Cook President Everybodys Fitness Center Auburn/Sturbridge www.efcfit.com

Physical Limits Fitness

“TRIBE TEAM TRAINING™ has worked well inside our club to offer a much larger and diverse range of small group training (team training) options.

Team Training is what is proven to work best for client results and client retention. Having a traditional group fitness program, in addition to offering TRIBE Team Training™ simultaneously, has marked our club as a leader in group fitness and Team Training within our city. Our TribeCOACHES enjoy the regular hours TRIBE provides and our clients love experiencing the progressive levels of training that TRIBE places all their participants through.”

Jason Christoff – President Physical Limits Fitness

Pro Fit

Pro Fit (Balclutha) is excited and pleased to be a part of the TRIBE Team Training™ Family. We launched TRIBE Team Training™ in February 2012 and began our first Season with 3 x TribeFIT™ and 3 x TribeCORE™ teams.

Of a total membership of 120 we had 49 people signed up to our first season of TRIBE Team Training™. All of our participants have improved their physical fitness, embraced the challenges and reached or exceed their goals. The program results are so addictive that many have signed on again for the next season.

TRIBE Team Training™ has also attracted a lot of interest from the public and we have new people ready to take on the challenge and ‘have a go’ in our next free week.

For our fitness centre, TRIBE Team Training™ has raised our profile, increased our membership (as many of the participants saw the opportunity to join Pro fit and take part in other classes and enjoy our new facility) and gave us the opportunity to provide more equipment to create a professional and supportive environment. The real value comes from the relationship that we have with TRIBE Team Training™, and the support that is provided to our TRIBE Team Trainers™, and to our Club.

Our success is reflected in the fact that as we enter our next free week introduction we already have full teams signed up. We truly believe that together we achieve more.

Pro Fit, Balclutha, New Zealand

Anytime Fitness

‘The TRIBE agent JP was amazing. His direction was incredible, and he was there as much as needed during the entire eight week launch process. The Master Trainer Tim was so inspirational. He was so available. Put us through our paces and really directed all our coaches in the most amazing way. His direction was incredible.
While JP opined that the first season launch target number should be around 40 to 60 TRIBE members, Jennifer was more optimistic and said she wanted to launch with 80 members. The eventual launch surpassed expectations, with nine teams comprising 83 members in all. While TRIBE Team Training™ offers five different programs, Anytime Fitness, Harahan gives its members the option to choose between three, which include with TribeFIT™, TribePUNCH™ and TribeCORE™. Given our demographics, we also intend to take on TribeLIFE™ in the near future. How it works it relatively simple. Members select a program after consulting with a professional, and then commit to two 50 minute sessions per week, for six weeks.

We’re aiming for more than 100 members next season. TribeFIT™ sessions at this Harahan club are booked out in the 06:00 am time slot for the next three seasons, going to show how popular it is becoming.
Jennifer and Brett Maraist
Managers, Anytime Fitness, Harahan, USA

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