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Sick Of Losing Members To The Functional Training Studio Down The Road?

Listen to interview on the Gym Owners Business Podcast as successful gym owner Mel Tempest asks questions about how clubs can build their functional training revenues and how TRIBE can help.

Q 1. There’s lots of activity around functional training and HIT programs and equipment.  Can you give us an overview of the different functional training business models for fitness clubs?

Q 2. If a club owner or manager wanted to have a program (or programs) that added to the club’s profit, what are some benchmarks they could use as targets?

Q 3. What are benefits of paying for licensed programs like TRIBE Team Training versus the club owner creating their own programs?

Q. 4  A big problem for many clubs (in Australia) wanting to create profitable functional training is that they do not have employed trainers. All the trainers are self-employed contractors. How can they run successful profitable programs?

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About the Author Jamie Hayes

Jamie Hayes is the CEO of TRIBE Team Training. Together with his wife Ellen, he's owned and operated 8 fitness centres. He's presented many times at Filex on group-ex, strength training, management, marketing, plus business panels. He's written articles in Network magazine and Fitness Pro magazine. His passion is to maximise community health through exercise.

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