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Trainer’s Comments

TRIBE Team Training helps trainers increase their income and attract new clients. Read what some trainers from around the world say.

Why TRIBE Team Training™?

TRIBE Team Training™ is great for our members because it’s the best small group personal training programme on offer at a very affordable cost. No session is the same and the TRIBE coaches are trained to ensure the members get the best care and support, so they achieve their performance targets. Each member becomes part of a team, which they never want to leave.

TRIBE Team Training™ creates communities of teams within the club, which is great for member retention. Having TRIBE is a no brainer – the members are happy because they see the results, love being part of a team and are cared for by their coach. The coach is happy because, apart from getting a good rate of pay, the teams they create are their teams and there is a wonderful care factor involved as they get to know these members personally, helping them to achieve their goals. The club is happy because there is a financial gain but also, as communities form within the club, it makes for a wonderful member experience.

Trainers Justin Pearl and Ethan Townsend at Miramont Lifestyle Centre

Justin Pearl






Marion Cumberbatch

Studio co-ordinator and TRIBE Team Training™ manager, David Lloyd Hampton

“My TRIBE Story”

When I signed up to take the Tribe Team Training module at Motion Fitness in Saskatoon, SK, I had no idea of the journey I was about to begin.

Not fully knowing what this was all about, I was excited to experience something that looked like the puzzle piece that was missing from our club to really give our members what they needed to keep them coming back for more and get the results they wanted.

Yes, I love teaching group fitness classes and always will, but a change is what I needed and what I could see others were looking for, too. I thought I was fairly fit until I got into the first TribeFIT Master Session, and WOW, I got a reality check!! It was grueling, competitive, challenging, but also empowering as Tim challenged me to go a little faster, to keep pushing, get a few more reps in, and I could! And when I made it across the finish line of the workout, it was the most amazing feeling of accomplishment! I would never have tackled a workout like that on my own, and not with that level of intensity.

It was then that I realized there really was something special about this company and these programs, and all throughout the weekend, I was buzzing with excitement thinking about how this would impact the people that I know and love, and those around the gym who were looking for that encouragement and push to improve their fitness, regardless of what level they were at.

The more I learned about WHY these programs are successful, the more I wanted to be involved. We had a three month long training period to prepare for our launch, and I could see over that time already the changes in strength, endurance, stability and confidence in all of our coaches.

When we got to Trial Week, I got a glimpse of the magic of Tribe Team Training. The team spirit came alive in a TribeFIT trial session when those who completed the workout first began to really cheer the others on to pull them through the session, and even grabbed a kettlebell and got back into the workout to join those who were struggling to finish. This happened without my prompting. They were a team already!

Now being a short way through my first season, it’s amazing to see the development of the team bonds that keeps everyone coming back, especially on the days when it would be easier for them to sleep in, or stay home and not work out. They are motivating each other and holding each other accountable without even knowing it, and they work so hard! They inspire me to be better, to continue working on turning my weaknesses into my strengths as they are doing that every session, and to give them 110% in each session because they give it back in so many ways!

This is only the beginning of my story, and a small part of my Tribe story, and I look forward to all of the chapters that will be written in the future!

Amy Friesen, Motion Fitness Saskatoon

RPM Total Fitness (Toronto Canada)

RPM Total Fitness



Thanks for accepting my connection. I am a trainer at RPM in Toronto and went through TRIBE Team Training™ this past weekend with Tim, Nick, Sharon and Janice and was blown away by the experience. I said it to Tim and I will say it to you, I have taken part in many certifications over the past 20 years and I have never been so excited, motivated or as big as a believer as I am in the TTT program. Thank you for helping bring it to North America. I am very excited to be in the first wave of instructors coaching this program. My goal is to build my own team(s) at RPM Total Fitness and work my way to becoming a Master Trainer. Cheers to an outstanding ride ahead. I will hope to cross paths with you sometime in the future.

With gratitude, Kelley


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