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What the $#@# is Team Training?

Most fitness professionals (personal trainers and group-ex teachers) have never actually experienced team training. Club owners have not. Club managers have not. 

It's no wonder they don't know how TRIBE Team Training can grow non-membership revenue for the club, create extra income for personal trainers and group-ex instructors, and boost engagement amongst members.

Club owners and managers have to learn new ways to best manage their facility and how to maximise profit from all sources and every square metre of space.

Take 5 minutes to listen to Chantal Broderick (from the Fitness Business Podcast) as she chats to JP Richard, CEO of TRIBE Team Training North America. TRIBE is exploding in clubs in the US and around the world.

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In the interview, Chantal and JP discuss:

  • What is TRIBE Team Training?
  • What's the gap between personal training and large group-ex classes?
  • The benefit of having a family of branded programs.
  • The potential for team training in clubs.
  • What does team training success look like for a club?
  • What's the retention like with TRIBE Team Training? (The % of members who renew to continue belonging to their team each season.)
  • What's the difference to having one SGT or HIIT class versus a suite of TRIBE programs?
  • With TRIBE, what do clubs get for their money?
  • What's the TRIBE sales funnel that get's members booking in to pay to belong to a TRIBE team?

About the Author Jamie Hayes

Jamie Hayes is the CEO of TRIBE Team Training. Together with his wife Ellen, he's owned and operated 8 fitness centres. He's presented many times at Filex on group-ex, strength training, management, marketing, plus business panels. He's written articles in Network magazine and Fitness Pro magazine. His passion is to maximise community health through exercise.

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